Professional Conferences

Our coaches can help you get from where you are to where you want to be, by providing guidance, support and encouragement, along with effective strategies for your progress.

Leading Change and Transition

Are you experiencing any challenges in your ministry, business or company that you find difficult to understand and work through?  Do you find that things seem to run smoothly when it comes to the organism, yet when it comes to the organization it feels like you’re running up hill?  Are you aware that your organization consists of life and health, an organism inside of an organization?  Many leaders in the faith community tell to me that they do a wonderful job leading the organism inside the body, but know very little about how to lead the organization inside the business. I was one of those leaders and I found this truth out the hard way. In this conference, we will walk you through how to facilitate change and transition so you can experience God’s success for you and His next step of growth for your church, company or business.